The Concept of Pilfer Proof Stickers.

Tampering or pilfering of the products is a universal phenomenon. With the advent of scientific and professional approach to 'management, the methods of producing the goods changed over a period of time, resulting into a better and more functional products. As a result of enhanced standards of living, the markets for goods also expanded. This resulted into a larger production capacities and also a larger competition However, the professional approach to business deployed by some, resulted into a successful segment which was later termed as Market leaders. The smaller businesses which did not have the requisite skills to match the quality products of the market leaders, resorted to unethical means to increase their business. One of the ways was to imitate the leading brands or even to tamper these products so as to cheat the customer who goes by the outer package and the name of the brand and manufacturer.

This anti-social and unscrupulous activity resulted into a loss of share of business to a market leader and also acted against the interest of the consumer who landed into a product not desirable for his use and caused harm to him. To avoid such situations many devices were thought about by the leading brand manufacturers. None really worked for a long time. Thanks to the ingenious methods of the imitators. The problem was all the more acute in the country like India, where the laws against such spurious activities are not stringent. The outer packages developed by the market leaders were easily copied by the imitators, as the technologies employed to manufacture such packages were not unique and were easily accessible to the imitators. This is the major reason why almost all the efforts on this front have failed over a period of past few years.


The Concept of Two Dimensions.

Multi Dimensional printing technique is a different phenomenon when compared to flat printing processes { Either Offset of Screen Printing ) and is unique in nature due to a limited access to that technology.

The technology was developed for the first time in the world by a Japanese company, which shifted their operations to Hong Kong subsequently. Kavisha 3 Multiprint Limited, acquires the technology from this Hong Kong based company on an exclusive basis for the Indian market in 1986. Kavisha is the only plant in India to have such facilities and only the second plant in the world of  such nature.

Due to the unique nature of printing technology, Kavisha decided to take the counterfeits and imitators head-on by developing 2 dimensional stickers which are difficult to copy. The product which was launched about 4 years ago has now caught up well with Indian industry and has helped many a brand leaders to overcome the menace of counterfeits.

Due to a clear visual effect, a common consumer can see two pictures in two dimensions of visions ( different angles ) and can thus identify the genuine product from the others. Besides, in some cases, the stickers are so placed that while opening the pack, the sticker gets destroyed and cannot be reused. Thus once the pack is opened the product inside cannot be tampered with easily and passed on to the market as a genuine one.


The Use of 2 D Stickers.

The 2 dimensional stickers are so designed that they are easy to use. Though the printing technique remains the same, for each product, Kavisha designs a different kind of sticker depending upon the surface on which they are to be stuck, the shape of the container, the size of the container and the colour combination and design as per the manufacturer's requirements. The surface of the pack decides the adhesive with the appropriate properties.

These stickers can be used on any surface whether it is Steel, Glass, Paper, Cardboard, Aluminum, or polymers. Secondly, the stickers can be used anywhere on the package surface depending on whether the same is required on flat surface on the body of the package of on/around the lid. If the stickers are to be used as identification mark alone, the flat surface is alright. For a foolproof device, the sticker has to be around the lid so that it gets destroyed when the lid is opened.

To cite some examples of the Indian market, Sylvania Laxman gian in lighting products, have been using these stickers on the flat surface of the tubelight putties which acts as an identification tag. In case of Searle india Limited, the same are being used on the top of the lid, before the whole container is shrink wrapped/In case of Madura Coats, the stickers are put on the outer wrappers in such a way that they have to be destroyed before the product is accessed.

Today, the use of Kavisha 2D Pilfer Proof Stickers has spread even in the industry sectors like oil and lubricants, which are highly susceptible to the menace of duplication and pilferage.

Multiple Uses Of PVC Mutlicolor Sheets,Two Dimension Pictures,ThreeDimension Pictures
Ladies sandals, chappals.
Ladies purses with running multicolour pictures as of 3 Dimensional   chanlng or of multicolour offset printing.
Key chains of changing picture.
Rulers, Scales.
Postcards of multicolour or of running simple picture and changing picture.
Technical monograms.
Multicolour PVC polythene bag or shopping bag with bright colours having multicolour offset printing.
Multicolour playing cards.
Advertising play cards, publicity pictures.
Three dimension outdoor picture of scenary.
PVC multicolour sheets and 2 Dimension sheets for Pencil Box and  Water bottle.
PVC purses, children school bags of changing picture.
PVC small calendar with 2 D or 3 D effect.
PVC diary cover of multicolour offset printing and 2 Dimension printing.
Watchband or straps of changing picture.
Photo frame pictures.
Christmas cards or Diwali greeting cards of 3D pictures and 2 D pictures.
Animation pictures of flat plain single or multicolour or of running simple picture or of changing picture or of 3 dimension simple or of 3 dimension changing or of running multicolour picture.
Changing picture visiting cards.
Hats of changing picture,
Common conversion factors on 2 D Rulers.
Educational changing picture stickers.
Cinema actor or actresses changing picture.
Car changing picture sticker.
Educational changing picture with mathematical calculation.
Dealership display board for Electronics, Oil &L Soap industries, Drycells, Lamps and Popular
Hosiery and Garments.
Indoor PVC posters for Film Industries.
Two Dimension changing pictures photosets for film Industries to be displayed in show­case in theatre or cinema houses.
Two Dimension changing picture cassette covers for Audio / Video cassettes.
PVC Multicolour  translite with four colour offset printing.
Pharmaceutical Companies visiting cards with two dimension effect showing before and after action of a particular medicine.
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