The man behind the vision

Mr. Sudhir Choksey
the dynamic Managing Director of the company since its inception has been heralding this company on the path of progress. Mr. Choksey is a Packaging Consultant and also an authority in the field of specialised multidimensional printing having trained in Hong Kong at his collaborators plant. Mr. Choksey is a man of vision and pioneer at heart.

The Pioneering Spirit

It was during 1996 , when the winds of change had started blowing on Indian economic scene, the new technology age was dawning on the Indian horizon and the Indian industry stepping out the stage of liberalisation for the first time, Kavisha Group was born.

Kavisha Multiprint Limited pioneered the concept of 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional picture products in India in 1986. These products till men were totally imported from Far Eastern countries and mainly sold on retail outlets as Fun Products. Kavisha assimilated the technology of Hong Kong based company, which was originally based in Japan and later shifted their operations in 1983 to Hong Kong and indianised the same effectively in first 2 years.

Sensing that the future of business lies in getting attached to the growth oriented industrial segments, Kavisha selected packaging and sales promotion as the growth engines for their business. The products have specifically developed for packaging sector realizing that there had been rampant duplication of the leading brands in the market, mainly due to the copying of packaging designs. Kavisha devised the technology for gumming, combining the same with the printing technology that they had newly acquired to produce the pilfer evident stickers which could not be used once opened neither which could be copied due to the closely guarded technology that only Kavisha had. This strategy was working wonderfully as Kavisha started providing the security packaging support to some of the leading companies like Searle India etc. This experiment was extremely successful as the feedback of these companies indicated bringing down the level of duplication and earning the rightful market shares.

Kavisha thereafter grew from strength to strength and positioned itself as the crusader of anti - pilferage practices and stated supplying the specialized security status to most of the leading and successful Indian brands like Finolex, Bajaj, Sylvania Laxman Apar /Tide Water etc. On the other hand Kavisha also strengthened their offering s to the sales promotional multi - dimensional point of purchase devices, which could attract the consumer attention at the market place due to the unique visual appeal. The company has also positioned itself as suppliers of total security package systems and not only the manufacturers of security stickers.

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